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Real Estate Agents

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Preliminary Settlement Statement (HUD-1) available to set expectations and ensure accuracy

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Loan Officers

Close loans quickly: rapid turnaround times on binders and payoffs

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Resolution Escrow Services is a locally owned title and settlement company that handles residential and commercial closings. We provide personal attention to all of our clients and we pride ourselves on our efficiency and customer service.  We provide closing services throughout Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania (refinances only) and the District of Columbia.


  • Obtain and review title search
  • Resolve any title irregularities
  • Obtain and review a survey of the property (in a purchase transaction)
  • Prepare title insurance commitment
  • Obtain payoff statements for existing mortgages to be paid off at closing
  • Prepare Settlement Statement (HUD-1) and other closing related documents
  • Review and explain settlement statement and closing documents
  • Answer any questions related to the closing documents
  • Return loan documents to mortgage company
  • Prepare mortgage/title documents for recording with the county recorder
  • Disburse funds
  • Issue the applicable owners/lenders title insurance policy